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Texas is among the states in the U.S. that generate the most job opportunities since 2000. With the required experience and right skills, you can easily find a job in Houston compared to other places. The city of Houston, after all, is among the five areas with increased job progress. The fastest-growing careers with high salaries are elementary school teachers, registered nurses, and operations or general managers, to name a few.

Also, it has a pleasant working setting for expats in Houston with knowledgeable supervisors and helpful management people around. Depending on the company, employees are generally given work benefits that include good vision, health, dental insurances; stock options; and paid vacation and sick leaves. On top of that, employees get a 457K and city retirement plans, free parking, and cell phone company discounts.


Houston’s cost of living is low, although it maintains a high standard of living with the comforts of a world-class metro. There’s lots of flat terrain surrounding Houston, so it simply expands outwards as it grows. This maintained land and housing prices at the minimum. For this reason, the city is loved by its populace, especially after getting a score of 6.9 in the U.S. News & World Report.

When planning to move for work or retirement, expats in Houston may consider Spring Branch, the perfect place for people who adores diversity but need a more extensive land area. If you’re a lover of culture and arts, though, Museum District can be the best neighborhood for you. If you prefer a secluded, woodsy home that’s near the city, then check out Tanglewood.


The best months to go to Houston are from February to April and September to November, when many festivals are held due to the nice weather. June is when the heaviest rains fall, preceding the two hottest months, July and August. Note that public transport exists minimal with no subway, besides limited rail links to other U.S. cities.

There are cabs, rental cars, and buses available, though. For this reason, expats in Houston must consider the commute when choosing a place to live. Still, exploring Houston is fun because there are many events, such as the opera, Houston Symphony, Houston Livestock Show, and the Rodeo. Many attractions for children are also found in Houston, such as the Children’s Museum, Battleship Texas, Natural History Museum, Houston Zoo, Brazos Bend State Park, Blue Bell Ice Cream factory, Kemah Boardwalk, Galveston Island, and many others. Explore the place by finding people near you with expatbuddy, looking for expats in LA or in houston, miami, nyc etc. Find expats and make your explore easy.

What you need to know

Domestic help stays quite common in Houston. Cleaners and gardeners are topping the list to observe the strict neighborhood associations’ rules on garden upkeep. Often, shopping is an indoor activity because of Houston’s humidity and heat. Also, there are few retail shopping centers in Houston, so your option is to buy at the mall, if not at individual stores. For expats in Houston, finding healthy food options may mean planting your own fruits and vegetables. Yet, most supermarkets hold a section for international products and receive payment mostly in cash, debit, or credit cards.

Sport for all ages remains a significant event in Houston. Most families support a local football, soccer, baseball, ice hockey, or basketball team. In Houston, eating in public places also stands as a popular public event. Perhaps, it’s because food is generally cheap, with huge servings, of good quality, as well as the many existing restaurants you can choose from.

Meeting people is pretty easy with countless expats sticking together. Naturally, most foreign families get invited to social events, playschools, and coffee meetings. At times, families of expats in Houston also get invited to parks. These parks, although a great place for kids to play, have only some semi-shaded seating areas.

So again, make sure you wear a hat and put on lots of sunscreens when going to the park! Considering how hot Houston can get, most neighborhoods have pools for the exclusive use of their residents. And because no shaded areas surround the swimming pools, people just end up using them during late afternoons until almost dinner time.

Still, spending time at the pool is a great chance to meet your neighbors. If you’re just starting to create a social circle in Houston, set aside your shyness and simply join in when you hear expats chatting. Entertaining children of expats in Houston is stress-free because kids are welcomed almost everywhere, with high chairs, stroller parks, and even kids’ menus.

Story-times exist pretty popular in Houston, where you’ll find many bookshops and libraries. In fact, the Houston Arboretum and Nature Center have designed story-times aimed at pre-school children. Other pre-school events are offered in Gymboree, The Little Gym, and Pump it up, to name a few.

Overall, expats in Houston find the place appealing to work and live due to its affordable living conditions and excellent city setup. There are just two challenges they face and have found to overcome them. First is in the local transportation system that was addressed by buying a car. And the second is the hot climate that’s easily remedied by having A/C units installed almost everywhere.

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