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As a whole, the UK remains among the highly held relocation choice for foreigners wishing to work and live in Europe. In particular, London is favored for its nearness to other European countries. From London, you can go anywhere in Europe by simply driving a car, flying, or taking public transportation, such as the train.

Finding work in London is also easy, though highly competitive. In February to April of 2021, the UK Office of National Statistics reported 657,000 open jobs, mainly in London. Still, attracting expats in London industries to do well, with SMEs often drawing most of their staff from abroad. The inflow of people from many countries is proof that London stays as a vibrant, culturally diverse, and exciting city to work in. If you are moving to london, expatbuddy could be helpful in finding you community there.


From the dreamy Notting Hill up to the superbly hip Shoreditch, London puts forward something for all to enjoy living there. It is home to several most famous art centers that are mostly free to go to, besides its tourist sights and theatre shows. Each city corner can even transport you to another world where various languages and cultures mix, making London among the most diverse metros globally.

Several professional prospects are also available for expats in London, notably in finance, trade, and services. On top of that, London is a significant learning hub, attracting foreign students. It is an obvious destination for all who can speak English fluently. Being huge and very cosmopolitan, no one will ever get bored living in London.

How To Make Friends

London expats find making new friends hard. Hence, some expats in London often find themselves lonely. This is especially true for American expats in London who are not students or do not have their families living with them. Creating a new support system anywhere in the world is never effortless, especially when there is a language barrier or a different culture. Then again, making British buddies is not as tough as most London expats imagine. There are many ways expats in London can network, such as:

1. Being keen on joining expats London UK groups on social media;

2. Having a new hobby;

3. Joining a gym or civic organization in the community;

4. Regularly communicating with expat groups in London via the ExpatBuddy app;

5. Socializing with neighbors and church members;

6. Taking guided walking tours monthly as part of your expat family life in London;

7. Visiting the local pub on weekends or holidays; or,

8. Meeting the friends of your new friends.

Cost of Living

If you receive the average pay of £43,500 in London, you will need to earn an extra salary of £6,500 to live quite happily. That way, you can afford to buy a little house or flat in the correct zone. There’s good news for American expats in London, though. Numbeo.com published that London’s cost of living is not as high as NYC’s in the US.

Note that anyone aged 18 years old and older who owns or rents a house in the UK, London expats or locals, must shell out the Council Tax. Expats in London must be aware that this tax is determined by the value and size of the home and has a monthly base fee of £80. However, some people are exempted from paying this tax by law, such as international or full-time students.

Things To Do In London

London expats can benefit from the city’s incredible sights and activities, besides taking advantage of the beautiful host of stuff to keep them busy in London. Most expats in London discover in no time the things to catch sight of in London, such as:

1. Iconic tourist attractions in London;

2. Visiting London museums;

3. Savoring some delicious conventional dishes;

4. See London views from a fresh perspective on a walking tour;

5. Catch the “Changing the Guard” rite at the Buckingham Palace;

6. Check out Nelson’s Column and bronze lions at the Trafalgar Square;

7. Inspect some world-class art without any charge at the Tate Modern, National Gallery, and other main galleries; and,

Many more!

Americans Expats In London

Americans can travel to London and stay there for six months without a visa. However, expats in London, UK, must have a visa to remain beyond that. Overall, expat groups in London need permits to relocate to the United Kingdom, especially if American citizens. The only exemption to this rule is you’re visiting for just six months.

Note that London expats cannot work without a visa, and pensioned Americans in the UK need a permit. Furthermore, since the cost of living can be expensive for expats in London, the farther they reside from the capital, the more affordable the prices exist. Finally, American expats cannot join the National Health Service of the UK, causing an extra burden to the expat family life in London.

Choosing Schools In London

London expats find selecting a seamless school for their children can be bewildering. After all, finding a London school comes with a bundle of concerns and questions. First of all, expats in London have to choose between a private or state school. Will the school have mixed or single-sexed gender, follow the International Baccalaureate or UK curriculum, faith-based or otherwise.

Next, London expats must consider the school’s location, besides visiting it a couple of times to talk to teachers, pupils, and even the school head. Expats in London must know why the students like the school, the education cost, and the school’s values and culture. Of course, they also would like to know if the school offers special education and expertise to support children with specific needs.

Family Life In London For Expats

Most London expats find moving with children an excellent decision. With some foresight and knowledge, expats in London can create a smooth and pleasing experience for their children. And everything starts with finding a home with a community the family can be a part of. The next priority is finding the children a good school where they can study and adequately prepare for their future.

Naturally, school choice depends mainly on your budget, location, and priorities. When the family’s all settled in the UK, the final task of expat parents is to ensure a happy family in London. Since the UK remains among the highly held relocation option for expats living and working in Europe, planning weekends and holidays is easy. Aside from its tourist attractions, London is near other parts of Europe. Thus, family holidays can be fascinating by simply driving, taking a train or airplane!


London is twice as big as New York City and tattered with something to discover in its eateries, bars, and neighborhoods. Hence, people moving there enjoy vibrant city life, mingling with many different folks and cultures. Also, there are pleasant prospects for expats thinking of exploring, if not retiring, in the United Kingdom.

And this is especially true for expats in London who are fluent in speaking English and prefer not to have a language problem while residing in a fantastic location. London is perfect for people on an endless quest for the tastiest food as it never seems to run out of new restaurants or cafes. Transportation is high with a 30-day Oyster Card Zone 1-2 price of around £131.

What you need to know

Before going to London, be ready for the weather! On average, the hottest month in London is July, the coldest and windiest month is January, and the wettest month is November. So, the best period to visit London is from March to May as these are when the climate is mild, and parks in the city are blooming.

For Europeans, a visa is not needed to go to London. For all planning to move to London, though, make sure to have funds for rental accommodation deposit. London is costly, so lease deposits are relatively high. When packing clothes, don’t worry about summer clothes because winter lasts around ten months in London.

As for groceries, costs are average, besides the city offering a great range of eating places so expats in London and even tourists can dine out on almost any budget. And just to set expectations right, the trains in London are always late, slow, and old. Also, being a multi-racial metropolis, be ready to experience some troubles with people’s drawls!

Making new pals, especially for expats in London, can be challenging, too, because most British people already have their own networks. So, finding new friends may take some time. Well, the exception perhaps is when you use ExpatBuddy. This social networking app connects expats to each other and helps them build communities abroad.

Also, British people tend to be slightly coyer and extra reserved, making it challenging to link up with them even at the start. It really demands a lot of patience and time to build new friendships in London. In contrast, foreigners are more often than not easier to meet because, just like all expats, living away from the native country can sometimes bring loneliness.

Still, expats in London must be more observant and polite of different ways of life. Things can quite easily be misinterpreted, so it’s important not to make conclusions immediately. And for these reasons, ExpatBuddy came into existence. This app helps expats in London, or anywhere in the world, unite as one.

ExpatBuddy, a free and easy-to-use social networking app, is specially designed to help people get a more leisurely life abroad. It goes with the tagline: “If you’re an expat, you’ve got a Buddy on ExpatBuddy!” After all, it’s been proven to be the fastest way to find and connect 1:1 with new expats.

And by helping you connect with buddies who know what it is like to live abroad, you can quickly get advice, support, and access to every information available concerning London. This can include learning the best London areas to reside in, finding out how to optimize living in London at your budget, or seeking guidance on the top schools.

Expat buddies can even share insights into how to bring about work-life balance. They can suggest, too, places where you can buy all-important native foods that cannot be purchased at local stores. If you’re single and keen on dating, ExpatBuddy is also a great tool to use! And even when work would take you somewhere else, you can still find Expat buddies all over the world.



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