Houston, your next home

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Finding a place to live is pretty laid-back for expats moving to Houston, Texas. You can surf websites in advance, especially the Houston Association of Realtors’ website, at www.har.com. From there, you can make a shortlist based on your requirements, such as the number of rooms, price range, and many others.

The most challenging part you’ll probably encounter is knowing where you wish to reside when you have kids. This will require you to check out places within the vicinity of your workplace and your children’s school. Depending on the site preferred when moving to Houston, Texas your school choice is limited to a specific boundary.

On the other hand, private schools accept students from all school districts provided they comply with the entrance requisites, such as passing the evaluation of your child not having behavioral problems. You can find more info on Houston schools by checking this link: https://www.goodschoolsguide.co.uk/international/usa/houston/best-schools.


Houston has countless clubs for outdoor activities and sports. The largest within Texas exists the Bayou City Outdoors, which is a membership-based activity and social club. This social organization prepares an average of 90 events monthly, making it stress-free to just join and meet different people!

So, for expats moving to Houston who love socials, theater, hiking, biking, walking tours, kayaking, and travel, this is the perfect club to join. Also, expat singles have various dating websites to check out that cater to the global community in the US. One well-established virtual dating site aimed at single expats is Expatica Dating. This website connects people to the domestic expat real-time dating scene, besides helping them find their dream date irrespective of where they live.


Houston is among the most linguistically and racially diverse metros in the US, causing it a brilliant choice for people seeking to understand novel cultures. The metropolis features ethnic food from almost all countries in the world. It is the home for many chefs who have won a James Beard award.

Naturally, this means that expats moving to Houston will easily find extremely unique dishes that you’ll never find anywhere else in the world. Also, you can dine at different restaurants each night for 365 days without losing options! Houston’s large amount of taco vans serving up standard street tacos render grabbing a fast, cheap, and yummy snack enjoyable and accessible.


Houston is home to different unique neighborhoods, making up a tiny slice of its culture. The Great Uptown neighborhood is a highly desired location for families as it’s known to be family-friendly. It has an incredible school system that you can send your kids with confidence.

Additionally, it’s a diverse district with residents coming from all ranks of life. Expats moving to Houston will find this neighborhood dominated by countless high-and mid-rise workspaces represent more than 10% of the total office area in Houston. And that’s terrific news because you can have a lovely short trip from your home to the office.


Car buying is scary even in your own country, so most expats opt for CarMax, a car superstore that’s very simple to manage. You can visit their website at www.carmax.com. There’s no price haggling needed, and all used cars exist inspected. Your purchase comes with a five-day refund guarantee, should you have a change of heart and a 30-day warranty.

Domestic help stays quite usual, with a cleaner usually coming in weekly. There are numerous agencies providing nannies, cleaners, babysitters, and even gardeners. Expats moving to Houston, Texas can find them in “The Kid’s Directory,” a free resource guide found in most community places or at www.kids-houston.com.