UK, your next home


If you’re thinking of moving to UK with your family, make sure to know certain things about the country and precisely where you plan to stay before leaving your native country. Aside from doing a lot of research, it would help a lot if you first ask your old school for any graduate currently living in the UK.

Connecting with schoolmates before moving to UK can help you in countless ways. After all, moving abroad is challenging. So, knowing someone where you plan to relocate can help you have realistic expectations. Expat mobile app can facilitate your forming new friends and finding a job and a new home in the UK.


The UK has been a popular place for expats who are looking for fresh beginnings. London, its capital, is accurately a global city possessing a wide range of openings for expats moving to UK for work, especially in the medical and financial services sectors. As such, all the major cities and towns in the UK have large expat communities.

And this is also true in the country’s rural areas. So, people moving to UK can easily do networking in their respective industries and look for jobs through websites like LinkedIn, Glassdoor, Indeed, Reed, Totaljobs, or Monster. Another option is joining the Entrepreneurial Business Book Club, a global book club, besides being a personal development group.

For females moving to UK, they can join Female Founders, an international community for women entrepreneurs. Operating all over Europe, this platform offers insight, networking, and guidance over various events and programs.


Upon moving to UK, there are several things you will need to arrange. These include getting a national insurance number, opening a bank account, finding work, and settling in the country. Note that UK’s National Healthcare System is among the finest in the globe.

After you had paid the Immigration Health Surcharge added when you applied for your visa, you can avail of the National Health Service. This includes all services given to everyone in the country for free, excluding certain services like fertility and dental treatments and prescriptions.

As an expatriate moving to UK, know that waitlists representing specialists or non-emergency surgery are long. For this reason, most people obtain private medical coverage to have quicker access to better facilities and specialists, besides less time spent waiting.


The UK holds a relatively elevated living cost because of its higher housing rates, transport, and power costs. But, of course, these prices vary per city, with those located in the north being cheaper and London as the most costly. UK salaries are pretty good, though.

For people moving to UK, an existing driving license with a universal driving permit is needed to drive within Britain. They should also have evidence of ownership of the vehicle, if not a rental agreement, and insurance documents. Meanwhile, UK’s music events are world-famous.

However, there’s plenty to have fun in the country. There are also London museums and tourist spots to visit and keep the entire family busy and entertained in the UK. Luckily, several cities and towns in the country are incredibly walking- and bike-friendly. Thus, it’s stress-free for people moving to UK to commute with no need for public or private transport.


Famous for its ideal culture and gorgeous history, there is no doubt that the UK is the dream spot for travelers and migrants. It’s vital to remember, though, that moving to UK isn’t like walking in a park. There are some things needed to deal with before you even can get your one-way flight ticket.

Knowing where to settle in the UK is a difficult decision since it’s a sovereign spot in Europe consisting of four nations, namely Northern Ireland, England, Scotland, and Wales. Also known by way of Great Britain, it’s found on Europe’s Northwest coast. Some hidden costs are aimed at expats, such as Council tax, NI, and Income tax.

However, it will also help a lot if you familiarize yourself with some cultural differences you may have with the UK. Topping the list is UK’s drinking culture, rainfall, and the silly way party ladies dress. Before moving to UK, expats are told to research before submitting any application. Here are resources that can help you: