USA, your next home


Although moving to USA has no language requirement, starting English courses before the transfer is highly recommended. Without good English speaking skills upon arrival to the U.S., you may find it hard to look for a job and housing besides connecting with other people.

You can take an English course or seek English-speaking hangouts before moving to USA. Consider using different language learning apps where you can practice with someone who speaks fluent American English or where you teach someone your language while s/he is teaching you English in return.

In the process, you end up meeting new friends while learning American English. After moving to USA, you can further expand your social circle by going to popular events. With so many different states with their individual bundle of race, culture, and nation, the USA has a vast cultural heritage. So, you’ll never run out of cultural events and festivals to attend!


It’s highly recommended that you start your job applications before moving to USA. Then, proactively begin creating your professional groups, so you can depend on them upon arriving in the country. If you start after your arrival, you may have to take on a job just to survive.

If you want to land a job that matches your educational background and work back home that offers the pay you’re hoping to get in the U.S., then networking is vital. You can join Indeed, Just Landed or LinkedIn to look for a career in the U.S. that’s perfect for you. Try to acquaint yourself with professionals in your line of expertise even before moving to USA.

Note that in America, people get their jobs mainly through the help of other people. So, with networking, people moving to USA can easily hear about work openings, referred for posts, and secure work interviews. You may increase you social circle with expatbuddy either you are moving to USA or you are moving to UK.


No matter your background, moving to USA is an experience that can change your life forever. Since 1931, the American Dream exists still so much alive, making the U.S. among the world’s most trendy expat destinations. And that is because the United States presents incredible opportunities for work, travel, and education.

Students coming from any country are often charmed by America’s world-famous Ivy League groups. Also, the U.S. is just suitable for those searching for exciting activities, a fresh start, and different opportunities. The country also offers a matchless mix of

lifestyles and cultures, being built on a unique fusion of traditions and languages. In terms of people moving to USA, California is the most well-liked state. California’s most famous cities are Los Angeles, San Francisco, and San Diego. Also, California is immediately linked to Hollywood and Silicon Valley.

Other cities favored by expats moving to USA are New York and Washington D.C. When bringing your children to the U.S., note that education is required. And this law applies even to foreigners’ kids who reside in the country for at least one year. The states, not the federal government, establish the specific conditions; thus, they differ per state.


The U.S. stays home to many top stunning vistas and known icons in the globe. In fact, many U.S. charming places are found in many people’s bucket lists, drawing tourists from across the world. Given the country’s size, most people moving to USA plan their visits to specific regions, such as the Southwest, East Coast, beaches of California, Hawaii, or Alaska.

You can even see the metro sights, natural environment, and parks in a day or two. For expats moving to USA with unlimited resources and time, visiting Waikiki is the norm. After all, it’s a tourist spot for more than a century, being a modern city in a tropical paradise.

Other places visited by people moving to USA are St. Louis Arch or “Gateway to the West;” Yellowstone National Park, a vast ancient volcano’s home; Grand Canyon; Niagara Falls; and Statue of Liberty, among many others.


It’s worth remembering that there remain some different rules between the many states. This is because federal law affects everybody in the U.S. In contrast, local or state laws concern people residing within a specific area. Learn more about this by visiting LawHelp.org. Meanwhile, if you’re moving to USA to work, your likely employer can guide you over the process.

View a complete listing of immigrant categories and visas in https://travel.state.gov/content/travel/en/us-visas/visa-information-resources/all-visa-categories.html. Now, if you really want to become an American citizen, be ready for a long process that demands lots of preparation.

You can start by knowing more about the U.S. citizenship application through this link: https://www.usa.gov/become-us-citizen. Also, getting a Social Security card must be your top priority upon arrival in the U.S. It’s a rule all people moving to USA must comply with, besides serving as a vital I.D. card.

Without it, you cannot be employed in the U.S. and cannot even have a bank account. Helpful links are https://www.the-american-dream.com/social-security-card/, https://www.the-american-dream.com/working-in-the-usa/, and https://www.dhs.gov/how-do-i/move-united-states.